southside rides

David Moore works to help ex-convicts re-enter society in a productive, active way. He collaborates with different departments (drug, police, education) to show people how to believe in themselves.

Changes paradigm of the way they see the world. If you can change your way of thinking you can change your role in society dramatically (behind bars to working with family).
turn dog (homeboy) around and you get god (found within everyone of

"Where can I go to do the most good?"

If you free your mind, the rest of you will follow.

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  1. robepn7 says:

    I think it is incredible how the South Sides Rides foundation brings together members of the community from every level. In my opinion, this is what makes South Side Rides so effective because it addresses problems in the community from every angle. It is clear that Mr. More, the South Sides Rides leader who acts as a stepping stone for the rehabilitation of ex – convicts, has received support from a wide variety of sectors. I think the multi dimensional collaboration of law enforcement, members of the community, the school system, and South Sides Rides alumni have created a unique and effective system which simulates familial structure which so many criminals and gang members never had. Chris Washington’s story was a true inspiration to me and I’m sure other members of South Sides Rides.


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