southside rides

David Moore works to help ex-convicts re-enter society in a productive, active way. He collaborates with different departments (drug, police, education) to show people how to believe in themselves.

Changes paradigm of the way they see the world. If you can change your way of thinking you can change your role in society dramatically (behind bars to working with family).
turn dog (homeboy) around and you get god (found within everyone of

"Where can I go to do the most good?"

If you free your mind, the rest of you will follow.

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South Side Rides

This is the coolest organization. The fact that an Ex Convict had the desire to aid young men and women to become good contributing citizens is astounding.


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Islam panel cont’d

famous national geographic image of Afghan refugee
-need to see motive for finding strange in the way we are strange
-instead of separating yourself, you should see differences as similarities
-suggested alternative way of looking

Feelings when looking at this photo
-inappropriate (being owned by someone else) = opposite of being conceited (isolating yourself, owning yourself)
-proximate: being here together, no one causes the circumstances of another

what justifies citizenship? proximity. Is it enough though to be present to be a citizen?

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7 April, 2011 19:52

I think it is really interesting that National Geographic used the image of the girl to market themselves. The image soon became associated not with the girl’s story, her age, her religion, but with the magazine. When the magazine went back to look for her and found her, they asked a doctor to confirm it was really the girl in the photograph. The ophthalmologist confirmed it was her and told them they had found the "holy grail." Even after that though, they had someone from the FBI do a retinal scan, using the same technology they use to find terrorists. We must find a way to look at other people, that enables us to see people as strange in the way that we are strange. I think this is a really interesting idea because it would help us overcome any stereotypes and judgment.

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Islam panel

There is an emerging american-muslim citizenry that is progressive, more engaged, and committed to both religious and national identity.

Being American and being a citizen is different. There is no definition of being an American but a citizen can be defined (politically engaged, care for family and others, be informed).

Does choosing certain values over others make someone more or less of a citizen?

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7 April, 2011 19:29

– the Muslim identity has been redefined, but why would Muslims have to choose one identity over the other?
– the veil has been misinterpreted as oppression, creates a false hierarchy of power
– this widens the gap between Muslim and western feminists
– Muslim women are muted for their gender and ethnicity
– western feminists should not speak for their Muslim counterparts because of their unique situation, takes away their opportunity to negotiate


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Citizenship and Islam

I thought it was very interesting to discuss Muslim Americans’ citizenship as a constant, ongoing dialogue between this religious minority and the rest of Americans. The model 21st century Muslim American citizen is a person who feels actively engaged in society, who feels no conflict between their religious values and American values, who is engaged in politics and philanthropy, and who looks out for his neighbors and community. Because of the stigma and negative connotations that American culture has associated with Muslims, is there an immediate way that these Muslim Americans can fully embrace and represent these two values? In a society that looks as Muslim Americans as inherently "un-American" or as outsiders, how can they reconcile two cultures that they are being constantly told do not go together?

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